Every person on this earth was designed with the need to Connect.  The first step to Experiencing the LIFE that Christ came for us to have is to Connect with the Father through His son Jesus.  We not only need to Connect with the Father, but God also desires us to Connect with others.  God designed the local church to be a place where we can connect with others to and develop relationships to help us along as we travel down the pathway to our God-given purpose and a closer relationship with Jesus. Start our Growth Track today and begin to Experience LIFE!

Prayer Request

Congratulations on Beginning LIFE!  If you responded to the invitation for salvation, rededication or Holy Spirit baptism, we would love to hear from you!  Please fill out the form below so that we can celebrate with you.  We would also like to send you further materials to help direct you now that you have made the most important decision of your LIFE!  If you would like more information, please leave your address in the comment section below
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Again, congratulations!

Growth Track

At Living Word Church, Connecting is simple.  We have a growth track made of up of four (4) 1 hour sessions to get you on the pathway to fulfilling God’s purpose for your LIFE.  Sessions are immediately following Sunday services.




Step 1  (1st Sundays) Find out more about the vision of LWC, what we believe and how you can become of part of the LWC family.  


Step 2  (2nd Sundays) Take a personality profile and spiritual gifts assessment, and uncover how your unique design can point you toward your purpose Step 3 (3rd Sundays) God has placed leadership potential on the inside of every believer.  We’ll unpack some practical tools that will help you grow into the person God created you to be.


Step 4 (4th Sundays) Now it’s time to take what you’ve learned and begin to SHARE the LIFE of Christ with others.  In this session, you find out how to connect with LWC Ministries and begin walking out God’s plan for your LIFE!

Experience LIFE2